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5 kitchen hacks to make you a better chef

Here we share some of our favourite quick and easy kitchen hacks to help make you a better chef and save you time and waste. We filmed this along with our friends from Supervalu


 Takes anywhere from 2-5 mins

1. Frozen chillis

means no waste and easy to add to dishes. Simply store any chillis you have in the freezer and when you need any spice to your dishes, take one our and grate with a microplane grater. This adds a wonderful fresh juicy chilli flavour. Then put back in the freezer so there is no waste!


2. Flour from oats

When you have no flour the easiest quickest thing to simple blend some rolled oats in your blender until it reaches a flour like texture. Works great for pancakes or to thicken any sauce or burgers. It does not contain gluten so cant be used to make traditional bread that requires gluten development but works for an Irish porridge bread or soda bread. 


3. Frozen grapes

These are super taste bombs and the easiest healthiest warm sweet treat that is refreshing delicious and so easy. Our kids love them and ask for them all the time. Simply wash grapes and put them in the freezer and thats it!!



4. Best value beans ever!!

This is a really fun one in that you feel like you are getting one up on the Supermarket! Simply buy the own brand baked beans that are typically very cost effective, drain off the tomato sauce and rinse it off and you are left with a tin of canellini beans for at least half the price of a normal tin of beans!


5. best way to avoid veg waste - lacto- fermention - a 2% salt solution to pickle veg

When you have any left over veg that you dont know what to do and dont want to waste. Then simply weigh the veg and based on their weight multiply by .02 and this is the volume of salt to add to water to naturally pickle them. The veg should be covered in water so taht tehy are submerged in the water salt solution. Leave to pickle for a week and they will naturally pickle and preserve! It is a great base with which you can season and add to create more interesting pickles! this the basis of how gherkins are made. Steves mothers in law in poland showed him how to naturally pickled some ridged cucumbers using this method and seasoning with blackcurrant leaves to give a subtle extra dimension of flavour! They keep for a year!



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