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Creamy spinach and ricotta pancakes

Creamy, delicious and healthy, while only taking 10 mins to make these are fabulous! Based on the traditional french Savory socca pancakes which is a chickpea pancake that is high in protein and really has an eggy like light fluffy pancake texture. These are wonderful and so worth trying


Takes 10-15 mins to make

Serves 1-2 (makes 3 stuffed pancakes) 


Spinach and cashew ricotta

130g cashew nuts

100ml water

Pinch salt

Pinch garlic powder

100g spinach wilted and drained

Socca - chickpea flour savory pancake

120g gram flour (chickpea flour) OR flour of choice

250ml veg stock

2 tbsp ground flax seeds/ 1/2 banana

Pinch salt

1 tsp baking powder

For the Spinach and ricotta: Soak the cashew nuts, in a bowl covered with just boiled water and leave them to soak for 10 mins or overnight if you have the time.  Drain and give them a good rinse before blending. For the ricotta, simply add the rinsed soaked cashew nuts into the blender along with the water, garlic powder, salt and blend till super smooth. If they cream is a little lumpy if youre blender is not that strong simple put through a sieve to get the creamy sauce and keep the left overs for something else. To wilt the spinach just add to a pot with 50 ml of water and put the lid on, leave to wilt for 3 mins until all the leaves have cooked down. Using a sieve over the sink, transfer the spinach and give it a good squeeze to remove any excess moisture and a rough chop and in a large bowl gently fold the spinach through the cashew cream. 

To make the pancake batter, Sieve in the gram flour to a large bowl and add the rest of the ingredient and mix well (if using a banana mash before adding) or blend in a blender until smooth. Heat a non stick pan on high heat. Once hot reduce to a medium heat.

Drop in a dollop of your pancake mixture and ensure to spread it out evenly so there is a thin evenly spread coating. leave them to cook until they start to bubble throughout and form little aeration pockets (you’ll know what we mean when you are doing this!) and slightly brown and drier along the edges. You’ll know they’re done when they start to bubble a little and turn golden. Use a silicone spatula to turn the pancake and repeat on the other side.

Repeat with the rest of your batter.

Top with a generous covering of the spinach ricotta cream and decorate with some sliced red chilli - enjoy these are delicious!

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