Low Fodmap Quinoa, Steamed Veg and Caramelised Pecan Dinner

happy gut recipes Oct 09, 2019

This dish is one of the most popular recipes on our Happy Gut course. It works great with whatever veg you have in!

Serves 4


2 tomatoes (360g / 360g tinned)
the greens of 2 leeks (200g)
a thumb-sized piece of ginger
1 medium sweet potato (300g max)
1 red pepper
3 carrots (300g max)
2 tbsp oil
2.5 tsp of salt
1 tsp turmeric
2 tsp curry powder
275g quinoa (1 ½ cups)
800ml veg stock (garlic and onion free)/water (3 cups)
2 bay leafs
juice of half a lemon


handful of pecan nuts 80g
2 tbsp tamari
3 tsp maple syrup

Cooking Instructions:

Finely chop the leek greens and the tomatoes. Peel and finely slice the ginger. Finely chop the sweet potato and carrots and slice the red pepper into long thin strips.

On a high heat, put 2 tbsp of oil into a pan. Once oil is hot add the prepared leek, tomatoes, and ginger, and the salt and cook for 5 minutes, stirring regularly to stop the veg sticking to the bottom.

Then add the turmeric and curry powder, and mix through the veg. Add the quinoa, veg stock/water (add a second tbsp of salt if using plain water), sweet potato, carrots and the bay leaves. Bring to the boil.

Once it boils, reduce heat to a simmer, put the lid on, leaving slightly ajar to let the steam out. When the water level drops below the top of cooking quinoa (about 10 minutes in), add the red pepper. Simmer until just about all the water has evaporated (approximately 15-20 minutes total).

Turn the heat off, put the lid on and leave to sit for about 5 minutes, this will puff up the quinoa and make it nice and fluffy.

In the meantime, roughly chop the pecans. Heat another pan for the topping and put the pecans into it along with the tamari and the maple syrup. Stir continuously for 4 minutes or until pecans start to get golden colour and the liquid starts to dry up. Watch this very carefully as it will overcook and burn easily.

Mix the veg well through the dish, squeeze the lemon juice through it, and serve each portion with some of the caramelised pecans on top. Taste and season with more salt and black pepper if you think it needs it. Chilli flakes will also go great sprinkled on top if you like a bit of heat!

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