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Buddha bowls

The perfect way for enlightened digestion! This is one of our favourite meals - we literally have served thousands of these in our cafes, they are based upon the idea of a balanced meal and are one of our favourite ways to eat.


Takes: 10-50 mins

Feeds: 2-4 people

The whole concept of a buddha bowl is a lose term but it is so customisable and adaptable to what you have in your press or fridge.

Here is the framework that we apply when making a buddha bowl:


We always serve it in a bowl with 1 of each of the following lists:

  • Some form of cooked whole starch or carb
    • such as brown rice,
    • quinoa 
    • wholemeal couscous
    • Millet
    • Baked sweet potatoes
    • To make it even quicker you could use pre cooked grains which are available in shops now.
  • A wholefood fat
    • such as avocado
    • Olives,
    • Toasted seeds
  • A wet main dish
  • Some fresh greens
    • such a rocket,
    • baby spinach
    • steamed spinach or steamed kale
  • Some fermented food
    • such as sauerkraut
    • Kim chi
  • Any other extra bits that take your fancy
    • such as roasted pumpkin,
    • sliced cucumber, radish,
    • cherry tomatoes or salads 
    • hummus on the side
    • some toasted seeds,
    • seed mixes such as gomasio, dukkah,
    • toasted spices
    • pickled red onions,
    • gherkins or
    • any other bits that take your fancy such as sriracha sauce, fresh chillis sliced or hot sauce!
  • enjoy!

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