Learn what it takes to be happier inside and out, to be more comfortable and content in yourself - through methods of mindfulness, nutrition and movement 💙


Learn what it takes to be happier inside and out, to be more comfortable and content in yourself - through methods of mindfulness, nutrition and movement 💙 
Join the 4-week Happy Mind Challenge with Dave, Steve & Gerry — and discover the simple, practical process to being more at ease with yourself & the world around you

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Started on 22nd March 

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Over the 4 weeks you will: 

Learn to show up for yourself — with compassion & self-respect
Become more at ease with the world, even when things get crazy
Start looking in the mirror & feel inspired by the person you see
Explore the tools of coaching, yoga, breathwork, meditation & nature therapy
Learn how to combine these tools to feel more authentic, joyful & alive

With The Happy Mind Challenge

you will get:


Build a transformative mindfulness routine that fits your schedule with the pre-recorded sessions with Gerry.


Enjoy the pre-recorded yoga & breathwork classes with Hannah to find comfort in your mind & body.

Nutrition & meal plans

Try 70+ plant-based, ridiculously yummy recipes to transform your mind & body (your microbiome’s gonna flip!)

Coaching & Support

Always feel supported by our fantastic online community — and by the weekly Q&As with our coaches.

Nature Therapy

Indulge in the soothing benefits of the Nature Therapy with Dr Gemma Newman — like forest bathing & more

So what's the plan?

Meet your instructors


David & Stephen Flynn

Founders of The Happy Pear, Dave & Steve are plant-based chefs with over 20 million views on their recipes on YouTube. They are bestselling authors with restaurants, shops and a wide range of vegan products on sale across Ireland.
They believe that our minds have so much power, they hold the key to achieving our goals. But to access this power we need to tap into what makes our minds tick and, in a sense, become its master. This is where a plant-powered, health-driven lifestyle comes to play...


Gerry Hussey

Gerry is a performance psychologist and also in more recent times been coined ‘The Soul Coach’. He has been in the human health and performance field for almost 20 years.
Gerry has been at the forefront of building high performance teams and individuals in Olympic and Professional, sport and corporate organisations. His vast experience has seen him prepare and lead teams for success at Olympic Games, Heineken cups, World cups, and World and European championships.

Dr Gemma Newman

Dr Gemma is a registered GP with a specialist interest in women's health and nutrition. She has worked in medicine for 15 years and is the Senior Partner at a family medical practice. During The Happy Mind Challenge she’ll teach you the neuroscience & psychology behind the Nature Therapy — like fractals, forest bathing & more.

Hannah Staunton

Hannah is a yoga teacher who has trained in styles of Hatha, Anusara and Yin Yoga. Her style of teaching draws from many influences and combines 17 years worth of practice. She’s passionate about making yoga more inclusive & works with some well-known charities, such as Mind, to offer this within the community.

Students on our recent Happy Shape Challenge 💪


“I decided to do Happy Shape Challenge because I wanted to lose just a few stubborn pounds. But I also wanted to focus on something positive during the current restrictions. What I liked about this course was how structured it was. The support you got from David and Steve. There was a fantastic online support group and community which was really motivating and supportive. We were all going on this journey together and everybody kept each other's spirits going and encouraged everyone to keep going.”


Learn how to feel at home within your own mind & body — and journey through every day with ease

Join The Happy Mind Challenge with Dave, Steve & Gerry
to strengthen your mind & body through nutrition, movement & mindfulness

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