You are one week away from your healthier and happier self! 🙏🏼


Let us help you - we've planned a whole week's worth of plant-based meals to get you going - download our free Happy Shape Manual  



Want to find your Happy Shape this summer? Are you longing to not only look but also feel your best?


The Happy Shape Manual has been lovingly prepared to equip you with everything you need to stay on track for at least the first month 💪



Health + Happiness Without Dieting


⭐️ Vegan love & good vibes.
⭐️ 18 easy-to-cook, ridiculously delicious vegan recipes for every meal of the day, including snacks.
⭐️ 1-week meal plan to get you started.
⭐️ 1-month Habit & Wellbeing tracker to print out and hang on your fridge — to help you not only stay on track but also get excited about your progress.
⭐️ Any leftovers can be eaten during the week or frozen for later.

Yummy in your tummy 😋


Enjoy plant based, delicious & nutritious meals- no deprivation required!
Indulge yourself with caramelized banana porridge, broccoli pasta bake and body boosting bean curry :)
All our meals are easy to make, not to mention pocket + leftover friendly too!


It's going to be different this time.

1. Print out our free health + habit diary
2. Track your progress and see the results for yourself
3. You can enjoy your food and find your happy shape

Now, tell us where to send your Happy Shape Manual!

Download your free bundle-manual for a healthier and happier you!